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Now, online product delivery done by ‘robots’

A self driving human monitored robot is now ready to hit the road of the United Kingdom. Products, which are ordered online, is now delivered by this Robo-car. These Self-driving robots are made by Starship Technologies and behind this project, Skype co-founders Ahti Heinla and Janus Friis helped financially.

Look alike:

It’s funny and adorable look pull all attention of viewers. Its like a ‘bread oven’ on six wheels. Expected height of this car is 2.5 ft’ approximately. Product storage accommodation is not up to the mark. It can carry only 1 or 2 product at a time but the company also said that, it is also compatible to carry big size of product. It’s for sure; this human monitored robo-car is about as threatening as your old teddy bear.




How it works:

They deliver products on a simple A to B destination point, i.e. the starting point, from where it picks up the product and the destination, where it hands over the product. All these process would happen through GPS Navigation System. They also obey the traffic rules and don’t run over people. A decent and well mannered robot will now work like a delivery man.

According to the Starship Blurb, they can deliver anything. The tech industry likes them, partly because they’re the working form of a long-held idea. The idea isn’t as kitschy as the publicity makes it seem, either. It’s a great, if under-evolved, idea with real benefits.




Good about it:

The overall idea is very innovative and future oriented. These robots are very cost- efficient and also save time and reduce complication. They cost less than cars and vans to operate. They’re not dangerous to humans, they make good sense. They’re not much of a threat to van delivery jobs, which make more money out of bigger articles. These robots are also very useful in various industrial jobs. Inside a building, they could also manage lot of handling jobs very easily.

Bad about it:

It’s obvious; nothing can be that simple when it involves human beings. All the negativity and the reasons are pretty lengthy. One thing about these robots is that, the idea is quite plucky on a very unusual level. Starship emphasizes safety and security, but there are other ways of opening a robot than with a smart phone app. The question is whether any of these things will get to their destination. They’re also rather vulnerable. They can’t move fast enough to take deceptive action.

Starship says, “Millions of packages are delivered safely to them everyday”.


This matter is not as clear as water, right now. Several problems are arising these days with this project. Hoping, they could fix these problems as soon as possible and shall successively give this world, an all new ‘robo-delivery man’.





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