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  • Trade in Your Old Phone and Go for a OnePlus Experience

    About OnePLus OnePlus – a cheeky company had boasted to have trampled the expenses and famous Samsung Galaxy S6 and its likes with the introduction of OnePlus I & II. The OnePlus X has been priced quite low (much below the OnePlus I & II). Now, if we forget the price tag for a moment,

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  • India Tests Aamir’s Patriotism over the Actor’s Remark on Intolerance Debate

      In ‘PK’, Aamir left Earth due to challenging circumstances. From reel to real. The Bollywood megastar was asked to leave India from a section of natives after his comment on “intolerance’ debate. A comment followed by reactions, reactions countered by arguments, arguments attacked by politicians, politicians scrutinized in media and the controversy went grave

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  • Alexandra Daddario, Dwayne Johnson, Baywatch and Lots More

    A TV Series which went on air since 23rd September, 1991 The Baywatch dedicating to the lifeguards of Los Angeles featuring Sun, Bikinis, Sand and its dramatic slow-motion-capture of the lifeguards while they are on their run, gives the American Alexandra Daddario a chance to play her 18th movie as Summer Baywatch (the movie). Daddario

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  • France vowed to bring the perpetrators down, bombs ISIS facilities in response

    Terrorist attacks have scarred humanity since ages. Over the years, when it seemed like terrorist attacks have become less in numbers, came the dreadful 9/11. The World Trade center in U.S.A. was destroyed by the Al-Qaida. Followed by the attacks in Mumbai on 26/11. Apart from these major media-highlighted events in the past few years,

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