Sunday, 22/10/2017 | 3:16 UTC+5
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  • Rakhi Sawant claimed, Salman Khan voice was ‘dubbed’

    Rakhi  Sawant is all come out in support of Salman Khan on his “raped woman” analogy pleading that she is sure ‘Salman hasn’t said anything derogatory about any woman and that somebody has ‘dubbed’ his voice on the audio, during voice recording. Rakhi, who never fails to miss an opportunity to grab the limelights, was

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  • iPhone 7’s unique dual-lens camera, officially cancelled

    The majority of iPhone 7 Plus rumors in recent months have been highly suggested about the rear camera which built by ‘dual camera lenses’ to improve the quality of photo and other unannounced features. Such a camera would allow the iPhone to capture more light in every photo but would increase more complexity.    

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  • Motorola Unveiled ‘Moto Z’ and ‘Moto Z Force’

    This time Motorola unveiled its all new beast smart phone ‘Moto Z’ and ‘Moto Z Force’, a powerful android based smart phone with a new name which begins at the end of the alphabet, but is actually colonizing modular connectivity in a more robust way than its competitors. Features: The Moto Z and Z force

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  • How to get first 2000 Youtube subscribers.

    These are some of the easiest and fastest ways to attract good subscribers to your blog, websites and channels. 1. Ask family and friends:   Decide what kind of videos you are eager to create i.e. (music, gaming, DIY, beauty, technology basis etc). After getting decided create and setup your channel. Make your first video and

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  • What NRIs should Consider While Investing in Real Estate India?

    Despite of the recent economic slump, Indian realty continues to attract the investors. When it is about the Non Resident Indians (NRIs), it turns out to be more buoyant and lucrative. This group people have different reason for doing so. To some it helps solidifying the close connection to the subcontinent, for others it is

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