Sunday, 22/10/2017 | 3:16 UTC+5
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  • Amazing rainbow ring around sun seen in sky of Kolkata

    Kolkata: A stunning scientific phenomena known as Halo seen today in the sky of KOLKATA. People saw a rainbow ring around the sun and was mesmerized. They took it to Facebook, WhatsApp and other social network to share the images of this stunning phenomena called Halo. Don’t panic. Stay Calm.. Read actual and scientific reason for the the

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  • Australian giant monitor lizards trained to avoid eating toxic toads

    Australian scientists on Wednesday said they had devised an “innovative method of conservation” through feeding giant monitor lizards small cane toads so they won’t be killed by larger-sized amphibians. Cane toads, an invasive species from Central and South America that were introduced to Australia in 1935, are so toxic they can kill predators that try

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  • Final draft of climate deal ready for adoption: French hosts

    French and UN authorities finished an alter right off the bat Saturday of the last draft to be displayed to serves for reception, gathering host France said, after almost two weeks of extreme wheeling and dealing for an atmosphere salvage agreement. “We have a content to introduce,” an authority in the workplace of outside priest

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  • India’s hard bargaining seen as brinkmanship

    The happiness made by the Pioneers Occasion about two weeks prior of a smooth Paris Atmosphere Assertion developing by Friday has vanished, and nations are crunching the most antagonistic parts of the settlement, wanting to come up a concurred result by Saturday morning. In the midst of exhibits and battles at the CoP21 venue by

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