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  • Lets Go Green this Holi 2016

    Holi is all about fun and colors.  This festival is stated as “Festival of Spring”, because in spring on Phalgun Purnima (full moon), Holi is celebrated in India. Although Holi is mainly a Hindu festival in India, people forget communities and break social barriers to celebrate the festive colors all together. We celebrate the festival with colors.

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  • New Year’s Eve revellers on Park Street in Kolkata

    Park street may be celebrating wild on New Year’s Eve, yet it’s the nourishment as opposed to drinks that keeps the eateries rolling. More than 75% of the deals on December 31 nighttimes when footfall swells by around 200%-is created by sustenance. On Kolkata’s gathering road, New Year’s Eve is family time, say restaurateurs, when

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  • happy new year 2016
    Happy New Year 2016

    New Year’s Eve is upon us whereas, New Zealand, Australia already celebrating New Year 2016. Specialists propose that January may be the most exceedingly awful month for a man to attempt to change his life; yet, a great many individuals resolve to get more fit, change employments, or to be advanced on New Year’s Eve. Some

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    “Indian being intolerant.” A statement is occupying the minds of millions of people past so many days. If we watch the Indian civilization, it is found many facts that help to judge this allegation or blame which rise by some people. Many but One A large number of languages, 2000 dialects and 7 religions coexist

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     HOW GREW TERRORISM After World War II Britain and its allies re-established Israel in 1948 much against the wishes of Muslim world. Arab and Israel gave birth to many outfits in Egypt, Algeria, Yemen and Sudan. On April 27, 1978 some army officers of Afghanistan trained in Soviet Union overthrow monarchy and established democracy under

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